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Your body belongs to you

A worried looking girl with a blurry image of an older man behind her.

You have probably been told lots of times not to take sweets from strangers, or not to get into a car with someone you don't know, because they might do bad things to you. But people we know well can also do bad things to us, and then trying to make us believe that they are not bad. Sometimes you can know someone for a long time and like them a lot and then they'll start to do things you don't like at all. Perhaps they'll start touching you in a way that seems strange to you, but since you like that person and he's/she's always been nice to you before, you don't like to ask him/her to stop. But you can and you should stop them. You don't have to let anyone touch you in way that you do not like, even if it's an adult you've always got on well with. Or even if it's someone in your own family or a neighbour. It's not special to be made to do something sexually that you do not want to. Don't believe someone who tells you that what they feel about you is something very special and that you must keep it secret from anyone else because they wouldn't understand. If you don't want it to happen say no and tell someone you trust what is happening.