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Worried about an anorexic friend?

A young girl with her arms crossed looking upset.

You should worry that someone else is becoming anorexic if they:

  • Become obsessed with food and cook for others, but don't eat themselves.
  • Get very thin.
  • Seem restless when meals are served up, won't sit down and eat.
  • Mess about with food on their plate and spread it all around instead of eating it.
  • Leave the table before meals have finished.
  • Spit the food out somewhere or make themselves sick in the toilet.
  • Weigh themselves a lot.
  • Behave very secretively.

If you think that a friend or family member is anorexic, try and talk to them about it. Share your worries with someone else like your parents or a teacher. And keep eating normally yourself - it's not your fault and you don't have to blame yourself. You've got to be a normal person she or he can trust. It won't help the anorexic person to get better if you blame them or make them feel guilty, either. Anorexics are already scared and unhappy inside. Keep showing them the affection you always used to.


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