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Why do you get anxious?

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Most of it is due to some stuff called adrenaline. When you feel anxious or stressed, this hormone called adrenaline gets pumped round your body. Adrenaline is released by your adrenal glands (on top of your kidneys) when you sense danger, to prepare the body for 'fight or flight'. This adrenaline:

  • Helps your muscles get more oxygen and sugar so they can work harder to help you escape the threat.
  • Makes your heart pump more blood faster ("Pounding") to your muscles and brain (which can help you think more clearly).
  • Increases the tension in your muscles making you 'feel' tense.
  • Changes the blood going to your muscles and skin making you feel hot and cold.
  • Makes you want to pee and crap.
  • Makes you want to panic.

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