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Who to talk to about abortion?

A close-up view of a mouth whispering into an ear
You may want to talk to a wide variety of people about having an abortion; particularly people whose opinion you respect and trust. This may include a parent, another adult or a close friend. If you want to find out about getting an abortion (even if you don't really think that you want to go through it):
  • You need to see a doctor, a general practitioner or someone from a charitable abortion clinic like the 'Pregnancy Advisory Service' or the 'Family Planning' service.
  • If the first doctor you see is not sympathetic or does not approve of abortion, don't be put off, but arrange to see another doctor without delay. You have the right to consult another family doctor under these circumstances.
  • Usually the first doctor will then refer you on to a second doctor, either at a local hospital or someone who is part of the abortion clinic set-up