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What helps stop travel sickness?

a map resting on a car dashboard with a view of the road ahead and a cross icon
Don't read in the car if you get travel sick!
  • Don't eat vast loads of greasy food before you are going to travel.
  • Do take a travel sickness pill - the chemist has lots of different sorts so experiment with different ones and find out which suits you best.
  • In a car - ask for the front seat and keep your window open and don't try to read - no absolutely nothing - not even a map for five seconds.
  • At sea - try and stay on deck for as long as possible (as long as you are not going to get washed away!). Otherwise go below decks and lie flat on your face on a bunk with your body lying along the same axis (front to back or back to front) of the boat.
  • Stay away (if you can) from other people who are being sick.
  • Ask your formula 1 racing car driver father to slow down in the car.

Sorry, I can't write any more about this, 'cos I think I am going to be sick!!!!!