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What causes travel sickness?

Close-up of an ear with a coach in the background
Motion sickness (seasick, carsick, airsick etc) is caused by lots of things. Inside your ears are semicircular bony canals responsible for sending messages to your brain about which way up you are compared with gravity and how your body is moving in space at any one time. If the messages from these organs are confused and out of sync with the messages that your eyes are giving your brain - then it can cause you to feel sick. All these messages from your semicircular canals can also be mixed up with other sick making messages to your brain like...
  • "I remember getting sick last time this happened"
  • "I can smell and hear someone else throwing up"
  • "I wasn't feeling very well anyhow"
  • "I shouldn't have eaten all that greasy food before we started!"