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What can you do about bullying

A teenage girl talking to a woman in a friendly counsellors office.
  • Tell someone about it - mum, dad, friend, teacher, anyone/everyone that you trust. Every school should have an anti-bullying policy.
  • If you possibly can try not to give in to threats - in most cases bullies will not carry out their threats, but when they know that you will give in to their threats, they will tend to keep on bullying you.
  • Try not to show the bullies that they are getting to you - because that is how they get their pleasure from bullying you.
  • Try to stay out of the bullies way, and try not to show that you are afraid (it makes the bullies feel good if they know they are having an effect).
  • Stick with your friends as bullies only like to bully people who are isolated.
  • Write down somewhere the date and times when you are bullied and what happened and show it to someone that you trust - a record of what has been happening is very powerful in making people believe you.
  • Work with your mum or dad, or your friends - ways of dealing with the problem.
  • Be careful not to take your feelings of being bullied out, by bullying other people who are worse off than you.

If you have been bullied please write to us here, and tell us about how you managed to cope with it...