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What can you do about allergies?

An EPIPEN and its casing resting on a desk
Steer clear of whatever makes you allergic. With hayfever, this is very difficult, unless you want to live underground. Some helpful tips:
  • Stay away from grassy areas.
  • Take holidays by the sea.
  • Close windows when someone's mowing the grass.
  • Hot days means more pollen.
  • Wear sunglasses outside.
  • Avoid evening walks.
  • Avoid the countryside in June and July.
  • Keep the car windows closed when driving through the countyside.
  • Check the pollen forecast.
Ask your doctor for advice and take the medicine they give you. Antihistamines are the most common ones, but they can make you sleepy. If there's a real problem with schoolwork or exams, your doctor can even give you a note for your teacher explaining the problem. Occasionally allergies can be dangerous and cause problems breathing (Anaphylaxis). The most common allergens for this are nuts, wasp or bee stings. In this case you will be advised to carry something called a EPIPEN which gives a small shot of adrenaline which stops the dangerous reactions from happening. For wasp sting allergy something called immunotherapy can be used to desensitise the allergy by exposing your body to tiny doses of wasp venom.