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Warts on your feet

The bottom of a foot covered in warts.
Warts on your feet are caused by the same little viruses as those that cause the warts on your hands. But because they are on the bottom of your feet and you walk on the all the time they are pressed inwards and so grow inwards instead of outwards, and this is what makes them hurt so much. Like warts on your hand - around 80% of them will disappear by themselves with time, but because they tend to be painful you can get rid of the them quicker by treating them. To do this you need to go to your local chemist and get verruca plasters which are like little doughnuts of sticky plaster with a hole in the middle into which you put salicylic acid paste (which comes with them when you buy them) and this kills off the virus. Normally you may need to scrape away the dead skin of the verruca as well.