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Cross section of the female reproductive system with the vagina labelled
Illustration of the female reproductive system.
In a woman - her vagina is a canal that extends from her vulva - which is part of her external genitalia - up to her cervix at the bottom end of her uterus. The walls of her vagina are made up of muscles which are very elastic and can contract. The vagina's elasticity allows it to stretch around a man's penis during sexual intercourse and also to let the baby out when the woman delivers her baby. Women's vaginas vary a great deal but the length of a woman's sexually unaroused vagina is about 6 - 7.5 cms long. During sexual arousal her vagina gets longer and wider. Above the vagina opening outside - is a woman's 'Mons pubis'. The inside of the vagina is a reddish pinkish colour, and the walls of the vagina is folded in ridges, so that it can stretch. Vaginal lubrication is provided by glands near the outside opening and near the cervix. These are called Bartolin's glands. The lining of the vagina also produces moisture. A woman's hymen is a thin mebrane of connective tissue situated at the opening of the vagina to the outside.