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An extreme close-up illustration of the Trichomonas parasite
Illustration of the Trichomonas parasite

What goes wrong

In girls - 10-50% will have no signs or symptoms of having a problem. If girls do show some change then it is having a vaginal discharge, pain on passing urine, itching,  discomfort discomfort over the lower part of their tummy.

Boys - 15-50% show nothing. If they do have a problem, its discharge from their penis or pain when peeing.

It's caused by

Having sex with someone who has the trichomonas bug themselves.

How not to get it

Don't sleep with anyone who has it - or use a condom to be safe as its almost impossible to know who has it.

What to do if you have a problem:

Nip down to your doctor or your local GUM (genitourinary medical) clinic. They will test you and treat you with antibiotics.

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