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Treatment for Eczema

Close-up of a tube of moisturiser/creme being applied to a finger.

Avoid things

First try and avoid things which you find makes it worse – things like certain creams, make-ups and soaps. You can also try and see if some makes of detergent that you use makes it worse and some better. Overall it is best to avoid ‘biological’ detergents as these tend to make it worse. Other things that make eczema worse include bubbly soaps or artificial fibre fabrics (like nylon, lycra etc) next to the skin. Your skin is there to protect your body from nasty bugs giving you infections. Unfortunately if you have eczema, your skin can’t do this as well as it normally does, so that it makes you more likely to get skin infections. Local infections can also cause your eczema to get worse. Some people also find that eating certain foods or drinking drinks makes things worse.


Use lots and lots of moisturising cream, but if any of them make it worse instead of better, stop using it straight away. Go to your chemist and try the oils and creams especially for people with eczema.

Get skin infections treated

Always make sure that you treat any skin infection that you have (red, hurting, swollen skin) – straight away. You should go and see your doctor who will give you antibiotic cream or tablets.


If your skin doesn’t clear up with the special oils and then your doctor can give you some creams or ointments which contain something called ‘steroids’. These are usually very effective at clearing your itching and the dry skin but have to be used in small amounts or it may damage your skin.


Some people find sunlight helps their eczema, where it makes it worse in others.

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