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Travel Sickness

A coach driving along a road.

Are you the kind of person who:

  1. Eats eggs, bacon and chips and asks cheerily 'What's the problem then?' when everyone else is throwing up all over the floor of a cross channel ferry in a howling force 9 gale, sloshing through the sick on the floor?
  2. Feels vaguely unwell when your father tries to pretend that he's a formula 1 racing driver whilst your family is on their way through the back roads of the peak district for your family holiday?
  3. Gets violently sick when you are sitting at home looking at photos of a friend's sailing holiday?

Well - it takes all sorts - but unfortunately - we don't yet know exactly why some people get travel sick, and other's don't.

It is a strange business - because some people:

  • Never get sea sick when they are young, but get it when they get older.
  • Get travel sick when they are young but grow out of it as they get older.
  • Get sick on the killer rides at Alton towers but not in small dinghies when the waves are higher than the mast.
  • Never get any kind of travel sickness (oh lucky, lucky people!).

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