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Tips for Quitting Smoking

an ashtray with lots of cigarette butts in it.
  • You have to want to.
  • Pick a day and quit then. Then keep quitting the next day. Then the next. One day at a time.
  • Realise that you’ll feel pissed off, trembly and anxious for a while. That’s the nicotine, pestering you like your annoying kid sister. Ignore it. Like your kid sister, it’ll go away after a while.
  • Think of times where you normally smoke – parties, just before bed, with your friends. Work out how to get through them without smoking. Chew some gum, play with a gameboy, learn to play the harmonica – anything which keeps your hands busy and your mind awake. Nicotine patches, gum and stuff all help and cost less than the fags.
  • Find a friend who also wants to give up, and quit together.
  • Avoid friends who push cigarettes on you. Usually they want you to keep smoking so they don’t feel so bad about smoking themselves
  • Don’t worry about gaining weight – if you do you’ll lose it again as you get fitter.
  • Feel proud that you’re not paying money to big companies which grow their tobacco by cutting down forests, creating deserts etc.
  • If you fail, don’t worry. Think why you failed. Work out how you can win next time. Then quit again.
  • Treat yourself to something really expensive present/meal/whatever takes you fancy with all the money you’ve saved – you deserve it!