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Thinking about an abortion?

A worried looking teenage girl
If you're considering having an abortion you'll need to think carefully about:
  • How far pregnant are you (if you choose an abortion, the earlier you have one the better - before 12 weeks if possible).
  • Your own personal moral stance on abortion.
  • Your religious stance (if any).
  • The nature of the relationship that you have with your sexual partner with whom you got pregnant.
  • Your age.
  • Where you are with your education at the present time.
  • What your financial situation is - are you still living with your parents etc.
  • The attitude of your parents and how supportive they will be whatever you decide (though you may choose not to tell them).
You may decide not to have an abortion, you may have your baby adopted or you may keep your baby. You may feel ok afterwards. If you don't feel o.k., it doesn't mean that you made the wrong decision - it is just that there are no absolute rights or wrongs in all this and whatever you decide - there are upsides and downsides.