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An illustration of a person who is sunburnt with visible tan lines.

You're on holiday, it's dinnertime and suddenly this hot flush starts creeping up your body. No, it's not the gorgeous person opposite - you've got sunburn and it's too late to stop it. Welcome to 3 days of pain and lying in dark rooms when everyone else is out on the beach.

Sunburn is not only sore it is dangerous and increases your risk of skin cancer later in life including melanoma which can be nasty

Although we need a bit of sunlight to keep us healthy too much is dangerous for our skin. Sunburn and even a suntan can also increase your risk of all forms of skin cancer and wrinkles. Sunbeds are especially dangerous and should be avoided.

Avoid, avoid, avoid by:

  • Wearing the right sunscreen lotion. It is Important to have SPF factor higher than 15 and includes UVA and UVB protection.
  • Put sunscreen on thick enough and often enough.
  • Wearing light clothes and a hat around mid-day to ensure protection - though recent research does indicate that you can get some sunburn even with light clothing on.
  • Using UV sunglasses and lip balm if you want.
  • Being careful - you can get sunburn during winter especially if you are somewhere snowy.

As the ancient Greek philosopher Melanoma said, Sit under a tree between 11 and 3 Slop on the cream, slip on a shirt, slap on the hat