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Suicidal thoughts

A dark image of a teenage girl looking extremely upset.
Almost everyone has suicidal thoughts, like when you feel that life is not worth living, at one time or another. For most of us these are fleeting, one-off moments. But if you're depressed, thoughts like these come back and back again and again, and make the depression worse. If this is you, it's very important to tell someone about how you are feeling, because there are many ways in which you can be helped. People who are thinking of committing suicide are often also very angry, lonely, feeling that nobody wants them, that the future will be awful, and (if they're depressed as well) that living is just hopeless. It is much, much better to try and talk to someone before you get into this situation. Other people DO understand how serious it is, and they will be very sympathetic and help and advise you. You may be surprised at how many people have felt the same way in the past including your parents. It may also help to talk to someone you don't know personally - like the Samaritans. Their website is at, where you can send an email about how you feel, and they'll reply within 24 hours. Or you can call them on 0345 909090. They will listen for as long as you want.
  • You don't even have to say anything - lots of callers are just silent.
  • They won't tell you what to do, and they won't tell anyone what you say.
  • If you decide to get in touch, you won't be unusual - 50,000 teenagers talk to the Samaritans every year.