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Sexual Fantasies

One of the lovely things about being a human being is that one can have lots and lots of fantasies about what life could be like. You are not always stuck in the reality of what life actually has to offer. So a fantasy is something that you ‘imagine’ and is something that you wish you could do or wish you had done – sexually or otherwise.

Who has sexual fantasies?

Just about everyone, boys and girls, have sexual fantasies, but with huge differences in the amount, vividness and frequency in which they fantasize. Usually people have sexual fantasies to help erotic sexual feelings whenever they want and quite often when masturbating or actually having sex. It gives you access, in your imagination, to a whole range of sexual activities that you might like to do sexually – but may never do in reality.

Is there anything wrong about having sexual fantasies?

Absolutely not, though some people do feel guilty about having these fantasies – as they may contain sexual acts which they would never perform in real life – from fear, disgust, or other reasons. Part of the thing about fantasies is that you do not have to tell anyone else about them, though sometimes sharing fantasies with someone else can be sexually stimulating by itself.