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A pair of boys y-front underpants and girls knickers.
Sex is much more than just having orgasms and babies. O.K - it is about having fun and enjoying it and all the sensations which go with having it. Overall though it's much more fun if it is also about respect, trust, friendship, affection, play, passion, anger, making up, giggling, etc. The most important, delicious, wonderful, sexy thing isn't neccessarily between your legs, it's that hefty thing inside your head called a brain. This is because sex is so often tied up with how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about other people, and how we feel about the world in general. Also, like everything else in life - we don't normally get it right the first time, and things can and do go wrong. Relationships fall apart, people fall out of love, people get bored with sex, people get forced into doing things that they don't want to do, people change their mind. It is therefore a good idea to know about the up and downs and the ins and outs ahead of time. This will help you know what it is that you want, what you like doing, when you want to do it and when you don't want to do it, and especially who you want to do it with! Also important is to be able to talk to your partner about sex. Don't think is all has to 'just felt' and not talked about. Ask your partner what they like, tell your partner what you like and when things go wrong with sex - talk to your partner about.