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Sanitary towels and tampons

A sanitary towel and tampon

Both methods are good and you just need to find out which suits you best and which you feel happiest with.

Sanitary towels

These have a sticky strip which helps the towel stick to the inside of your pants to stop your period blood going all over the place. It catches your blood as it leaves your vagina. You can buy them at your local chemist.


Tampons fit inside your vagina and soak up your period blood before it leaves your vagina. Tampons come in different sizes and it is a good idea to use "mini" tampons when you start as these are easier to insert into your vagina, until you get used to them. Some tampons come with special inserters (applicators) andĀ all tamponsĀ have a string attached to them, to make it easier to pull them out. You are still technically a "virgin" if you use tampons but have not had sexual intercourse. You will normally need to change a tampon or sanitary towel several times a day whilst you are having your period. Both tampons and sanitary towels come with detailed instructions as to how to use them as there are several different types of each.