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Results of binge drinking

A blurred image of a party with a beer bottle in the foreground

The wanted results of binge drinking:

  • Getting off your face regularly!
  • Getting pissed as a newt
  • Getting blinder than everyone else
  • Being able to forget everything
  • Being able to talk to people more easily
  • Being able to tell the boy/girl you fancy that you fancy them/maybe doing something about it

The unwanted results of binge drinking:

  • Accidents and death - alcohol is a factor in about one in three of all accidental deaths. Whether you walk off the top of a ten story car park or are hit by the driver of the car who has had 'one too many'. Between midnight and early morning 3 out 4 accident and emergency department admissions are because of using alcohol.
  • Violence - booze is responsible for just about half of all crimes involving loosing your rage and beating people up.
  • Unsafe sex - after drinking alcohol one is seven people had unsafe sex (not using a condom); one in five had sex which they later wished they hadn't had ; one in ten were unable to remember whether they had sex or not! Nearly half agreed that they were more likely to have sex with someone that they didn't really fancy (both 'yugh' and 'risky'!).
  • Brain damage - Your brain is particularly sensitive to the effects of alcohol when you are young so that using alcohol during adolescence can permanently damage your memory.
  • You get gross - because alcohol is full of calories you fat, obese, gross, overweight and a beer belly.

So think about it whilst you still can!