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Why does my penis get hard?

Question in full: why do my penis get hard
Dear 'Why does my penis get hard' - there are several different causes for this. Basically what happens is that your brain sends messages down your spinal cord (in your back) to your penis and tells a bit of your penis called the corpus cavernosa to fill with blood. This is done by blocking the blood normally flowing away your penis in it veins and pumping more blood flowing into your penis via the arteries supplying your penis with blood. A bit like pumping up a bicycle tyre but with blood instead of air. Now the reasons why your brain gives these messages are many. Sometimes boys getting a morning 'boney' or erection whic appears to be just testing the system out to make sure that it works. But the most common reason for getting a erection is because you see or feel something that makes you 'feel sexy' whic stimulates your brain which then gives the neccessary messages to act on your penis.