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Why do women strip in front of boys?

Question in full: why do women strip in front of boys?
Men and boys can get very turned on and excited looking at women's bodies. They're just programmed that way, it's nature. So if the women take their clothes off, it's even more exciting and men will pay money to watch women strip or dance with very few clothes on. It doesn't mean a man is in love with them or being unfaithful to his wife or girlfriend, some men say it's no different from watching football! From the women's viewpoint, they should never feel under any pressure to strip. A lot of strippers say they enjoy their job and make more money than they would in other occupations. But young girls and teenagers should never be taking their clothes off in front of boys or men and shouldn't ever be pressured into that. Girls and women don't really get the same kicks from watching men strip - usually it just makes them laugh!