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What to tell boys about menstrual cycle

Question in full: what should i say when boys ask about our menstrual cycle
You should tell them what it is all about. It is a necessary fact of life that girls get periods and there can be alot of mystery about it. Boys are often interested - which is a good thing - because it is something that doesn't happen to them. You can tell them in two different ways - firstly about what is happening to your body eg. the lining of your womb is building up over the course of a month and if no egg is fertilised then all that blood has to come out. You can also tell them how it makes you feel - there is a swing in hormones before a period and that can make you spotty and feel grumpy. Having blood coming out may make you feel a bit different at first aswel. You can tell them it is happening to women all over the world at all sorts of different ages and probably also to their own mother!