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What portions should I have every day?

Question in full: what portions should i have every day
Dear 'What portions should I have every day' This is a good question - lots of people get it wrong! There are 5 different groups of food. We need to eat something from each group every day. The groups are: Carbohydrates - for example bread, cereal or potatoes. A portion is approximately an egg sized potato or 2 tablespoons of pasta. You need to eat 4-6 portions of carbohydrate per day. Biscuits and cakes are carbohydrates. They are fine to eat but as long as they are not the ONLY type of carbohydrate you eat. Protein - eg meat, fish or eggs. A portion is a piece of meat or fish a bit smaller than the size of a pack of cards. You need to eat 2 portions per day. Dairy products - milk, cheese or yogurt. A portion size is a pot of yogurt or 1oz hard cheese (size wise less than half a pack of cards, in otherwords quite small!) or a cup of milk. You need 2 portions of dairy products each day. Fruit and veg - you need 5 portion per day. A portion size is about the size of your fist. So it varies for everyone. You need to work at it to get 5 inside you everyday! But you feel great if you do. Fats and sugary foods - people who want to take care of their weight often don't want to eat fatty foods but it is very important we do. Our bodies need the right amount of the right fats. These are found in things like olive oil, margarine, oily fish and nuts. Bad fats are in chips and burgers. It is difficult to put a portion size to fats as mostly they are hidden in other foods. What is important to watch is that you are not eating too many bad fats or too much sugary foods. If a day goes by and you have had too much of one type of food the likelihood is that naturally you won't eat so much of that the next day. As long as your diet is balanced over the course of about a week you will be fine.