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What is a pelvic examination?

Question in full: whats a pelvic exam
A pelvic exam is what happens when a doctor examines your pelvic region. This usually involves you taking off your trousers/skirt and pants and lying on the couch in your doctor's surgery. The doctor will feel your stomach and also have a look at your vaginal area. Depending on the reason for the pelvic exam, the doctor may have to feel inside your vagina and may put something inside your vagina that helps them see your cervix (which is up inside your vagina). This 'something' is called a speculum. It may sound a bit frightening but it is something doctors do everyday and they will not mind at all. You can request a lady doctor to do this examination and it may be that a nurse is also present in the room. You can take someone with you if you think that would help you relax. It will be over in approx 2 minutes. I think most women don't like the thought of a pelvic exam but we all have them. All of us! And it very important you are examined properly if you have a problem. Hope this helps.

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