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What is a hypothyroid problem?

Question in full: what happens to you if you have a hypothyroid health problem
Dear ‘what happens if you have a hypothyroid health problem’ - hypothyroid means that your body isn’t making enough hormone. Thyroxine is made by the thyroid gland in the neck. Its job is to speed up metabolism. Metabolism happens all over the body and is a process where food, water and other nutrients are converted into energy and building blocks for growing. We need thyroxine to regulate our energy levels and help us grow and develop normally. Having too little thyroxine can make you feel tired and some people put on weight. Some people also feel the cold more than they used to. The good news is that having too little thyroxine hormone can be fixed by taking a thyroxine tablet once a day. This is usually arranged by a doctor specialising in hormones.