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What does weed do to you?

Question in full: what effects does weed do to you
Dea 'What effects does weed have on you?' The answer to that question used to simpler when there was only one form of 'weed' available. Now weed comes in many strengths and the strongest like 'skunk' can make you have mental disorders. Normal 'weed' makes different people differently and has different effects at different times. It can rather depend on how you feel before you smoke the weed. If you feel down it might make you feel further down. If you feel 'up' it can make you feel more 'up'. In generally it makes people feel rather detached from reality, a bit giggly, and a bit hypersensitive to everything immediately around them - like colours and music. It can also make you feel very hungry -which is called 'the munchies'.