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what can i do to reduce my weight?

Question in full: what can i do to reduce my weight?
First of all only embark on this only if necessary. You need to assess how overweight you are first. To do this measure your height and weight and then plug your values into a BMI calculator. I like the one here Your BMI (Body Mass Index) gives you a better measure of your weight in relation to your height than weight alone. If you fall in the overweight range then action is good. So what action? Well - its all about input vs output (of food and energy). So if you are overweight to redress the balance you need to put less food into your body (or in some cass just the RIGHT food) and at the same time do more to increase your energy output. You should aim to do this slowly and retrain your eating habits rather than think that it is all going to happen in a week or two. Think more in months or years. I think the best way to lose wweight and keep it off is to let yourself eat whatever you want (as long as you are eating a balanced diet) but to eat only when you are hungry, to eat slowly, chew every mouthful, and to really listen to your body to see when it is full. So many of us don't do this and eat just because it looks nice or because you are bored or feeling a bit sad. It needs practice - like everything in life that is new to you. It is very important you are eating the right portions of things. Have a look at The next bit is all about moving your body more. This means getting up from the sofa to change the channels on the TV, walking to/from school, using the stairs and not the lift, and I think it a good idea to aim to do 3 episodes of physical activity a week - such as swimming or gymnastics. Try and do it with a friend then it becomes fun. If you get to grips with this it will stand you in great stead for the rest of your life. Good luck!