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Teased about bucked teeth

Question in full: i have bucked teeth people always tease me what can i do?
Dear 'i have bucked teeth people always tease me'. If anyone teases you about your appearance then it is usually because deep down they are insecure about their own appearance and it makes them feel better to turn the attention on someone else. What losers! Those sort of people are often bullies and bullies are cowards so stand up to them. Remember everyone is different and no one is perfect. At 13 appearance can seem really important but it is true that it becomes less important the older we become. Who we are on the inside and how we behave really determines who we become in life. That said, if you want to get advice about your teeth then go and see your dentist and get some professional and practical advice. You may decide to do something about them or not. Either way, you will be more knowledgeable about your options.