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Small bump on my testicle

Question in full: I have a small bump on the part of my testicle that link to the tube it moves around abit if i feel it about 1-2cm what is this and what should i do
Dear 'I have a small bump on the part of my testicle that links to the tube.....' This is almost certainly a cyst (a small swelling containing fluid) on the epididymis (the tube that carries sperm from the testes (balls) to the penis). Epididymal cysts are very common and benign (ie, they are not cancer). They very rarely cause any problems, but can sometimes cause discomfort, or get infected. In these cases, they can be drained by a needle or removed surgically. However, having said all of this, it is impossible to be absolutely sure that this is an epididymal cyst without seeing it. There are other things it might be, so you must go to your family doctor to get it checked out. I know you might think this is a bit embarrassing, but family doctors see these sorts of things all the time! There is no need to be embarrassed!