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Sex before you start periods

Question in full: what happens when you have sex with a girl thats not had her period
Having sex with a girl is a serious issue - whether she's started her periods or not. You can still pass on sexually transmitted infections (like chlamydia) and she could still get pregnant if she ovulates (releases an egg) - even if she hasn't had her first period. So you should think about it really carefully and at 14 you're pretty young to be having sex. The average age for having sex for the first time is between 16 and 17 so as I keep saying - there's no rush! Take your time! You should always be using contraception if you're having sex and a condom as well to give protection against sexually transmitted infections. Sex can have life-long consequences for both of you so make sure you've got all the facts and understand the implications of what you're doing. And by the way, girls' periods start when their bodies are fully formed. If this girl hasn't started her periods then maybe she's not physically ready to have sex yet.