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Is sex fun?

Question in full: is sex fun?
Yes sex can be fun when you're a bit older. But lots of other things are fun too, like hanging out with girls, talking to them, going to the movies with them, kissing them and holding hands! There's lots of fun stuff other than sex! The average age of first sex (losing your virginity) is between 16 and 17. Some boys find that sex can be a bit of a disappointment if they've learnt how to masturbate (play with their penises) and enjoy doing that. Sex also carries the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. So it can only be fun if you've sorted out contraception (like the pill or an implant) and use a condom which means you don't have to worry. Sex is most fun when it's with someone you really like and respect, who you can trust and get on really well with.