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One ball smaller than the other

Question in full: Why is one ball smaller than the other?
Dear “why is one ball”. Don’t worry – that’s just the way we develop. It’s completely normal for one testicle (or ball) to be larger than the other, but usually they are pretty similarly sized. It’s also worth pointing out that one of you testicles may be higher than the other (again totally normal), and they may hang at slightly different angles. However, if you have any anxieties at all, the best thing to do is to visit your family doctor, who can examine you. I know this may sound embarrassing, but trust me – your family doctor has seen it all! I should add that if you think you might have a lump on either testicle, you must get this checked out. It is unusual for such lumps to turn out to be anything nasty, but it is always important to be safe rather than sorry. You can always have a look at our section on testicles for more information, including details on how your testicles increase in size your puberty.