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My dad harasses me

Question in full: i stopped seeing my dad back in april, but he's forever harrassing me and he wont leave me, my mum and my brother alone. its making me really stressed out and i cant cope with things and ive got a lot going on at school, too. i really dont know what to do and its bringing me down. can you help me?
It sounds as though your mum and dad have split up and that can be hard enough. But it's extra tough if your dad reappears on the scene after being away. Have you talked to your mum about this? She might not realise how it's affecting you. You can also talk to your dad direct. You feel he's harrassing you but he might just be desperate to be in touch with the family he misses and he's being a bit over the top. The point is you can do something. You need to tell your parents that it's making you unhappy. There are other people you can talk to like a school nurse, a school counsellor, a teacher or a relative or a friend. Don't bottle up your troubles. You might find you can fix the situation quite quickly just by telling someone what's wrong. Good luck I hope it gets better.