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My boyfriend wants to have sex with me

Question in full: helloo my boyfriend wants to have sex with me, should i ?
This is a question that only you can answer really, but the fact that you are asking me makes me feel that you are possibly not ready. Since you are under 16, you are not considered able to consent in the eyes of the law, which means that anyone you have sex with would be committing a crime. In reality they are unlikely to be arrested if they are also under 16, but if your boyfriend is more than a couple of years older than you and you do have sex then he risks being prosecuted for rape. Is your boyfriend pressuring you to have sex? If he is, and you don't feel comfortable then you should definitely say no, if this means he dumps you then he was harldy worth being with in the first place was he? If he is an understanding guy he will wait until you are ready. Of course, if you do feel ready to have sex, don't forget to use a condom. This will protect you agains pregnancy, but also against most sexually transmitted diseases.