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is it bad to have under age sex?

Question in full: is it bad to have under age sex?
Many girls regret having sex too young and wish they'd waited till they were older. After all most 16 year-olds have NOT had sex, whatever your friends might boast about! The legal age for sex is 16 and it's a pretty good guideline. By 16 you'll be more clued up about where to get help and advice so that you can have safe, fully protected sex which won't end in pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. You'll be grown up enough to handle the emotional side of sex and to understand the risks. But if you've had sex already and you're under 16, you can still get help and advice and you won't get into trouble with a doctor, nurse, or a special young people's health centre like Brook. The important thing is to use contraception if you do have sex so you won't get pregnant. If you've had sex without contraception you can go to your doctor, school nurse or chemist to get the 'morning after pill' which can work up to 3 days after unprotected sex. The bad thing is to have unprotected sex with no contraception.