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i'm forever going out with lads

Question in full: i'm forever going out with lads but can nerver tell my family beacause i'm afraid of what they'd say. I went to a club recently and got off with lads and my friends get mad with me for keeping it secret from my parents. what can i do? It really upsets me that i can't be open.
It's perfectly normal for a girl of 15 to have a boyfriend, so don't be afraid to tell your parents, especially if you want to be open with them. Maybe you could start by telling them you have friends who are boys and then later you could tell them if there's one particular one you like. Just be sure you don't get pressured into doing things with any of the lads that you don't want to do. Lots of girls regret having sex too early and if you're even thinking about it make sure you're using contraception. You don't want your first conversation with your parents to be about an unexpected pregnancy.