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I think I may be pregnant

Question in full: I think I may be pregnant . last month me and my partner have had unprotected sex his sperm leaked out of me and I was wondering if that’s normal? Please help because I am so stressed and I cant think.
Dear 'may be pregnant'. If you had unprotected sex then yes, you could well be pregnant. Just because your partner's sperm leaked out of you after sex does not mean that one could not have reached your egg. In each ejaculation there are up to 600 million sperm, and it only needs one to reach your egg for you to get pregnant! In fact, ask most women who hav had unprotected sex and they will say that sperm leaks out of them after sex. This is becuase sperm, which comes out af a man a bit like jelly, gets more liquid as it sits around, and so a few hours later when you stand up, it leaks out of you. The liquid is only the way that the sperm gets in to you though, and by the time it drips out the little sperms are well inside you, swimming away towards their destination - your egg. If your period is late then you can do a pregnancy test and find out if you are pregnant or not. The sooner you find out the sooner you can decide what to do about it. For more advice get in touch with your local family planning clinic or visit - a great place to find someone to talk to about unwanted pregnancy.