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I started self-harming again

Question in full: started self harming agian aftre 6months clean had two weks in a row were i have only lasted a week before resolve weakend buling and missing my nan (we just lost her)got to much stoped eating aswell how do i et my life back??
Dear “started self harming again”. I am so sorry to hear you are having such an awful time. The first thing to say is that you stopped self-harming before, so you can definitely do it again. However, it’s tough getting better on your own, so I really think you should talk to someone – and soon, before matters get worse. Simply telling someone how you are feeling can often help. Family and friends may be able to help, and your family doctor certainly can. If necessary, your doctor might make arrangements for you to see a counsellor, or a psychologist, or even another specialist doctor, who will talk to you about how you feel, and suggest ways to stop the self-harming and get you eating properly again. A lot of people find this really helpful. One trick which may help is to put some elastic bands round your wrists. The next time you feel like self-harming, try pulling on the bands instead. It doesn’t work for everyone, but is worth a go. You will get your life back, but I think you need some help. Go and see your family doctor soon.