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I only kiss good looking players

Question in full: hiii. . . . im a perfectly happy teenage girl but i was just wondering y i seem to only kiss goodlooking players who dont want anything more. . i know im not ugly . . people say im cute and pretty coz im 5'4 haha but thats besides the point. ive never had a boyfriend, im not desperate coz the furthest ive been is being fingered. . and thats out of choice. . i just wish there wud be some teenage guys in the world who arent so immature. . and also im attracted to the more popular player goodlooking kind. . but maybe a shud branch off coz its obviously getting me nowheree. . . i dont have a horrible personality, im nice to every1 and friends with every1. . i dont seem to get it. .
Hi - sounds like you could give a great lesson to other girls... Don't choose boys based on their looks - it doesn't work! The 'goodlooking players' probably know they can easily 'pull' so they don't need to make any effort and probably have girls queuing up to have a kiss (or more). Your dating strategy hasn't worked so far so how about this one. Try meeting boys who a bit older and therefore more mature, who have the same interests as you, or have nice personalities, or boys who make you laugh. You'll have something much more deep and meaningful with them which will last much longer. But you have to give it a chance to develop too and you'll have to look more than 'skin deep'. You've realised the problem yourself and you've come up with a solution so be proud of yourself. It's all part of growing up. You haven't done wrong, but you've now worked out the way to do right! Good luck and thanks for sharing.