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I have chlamydia

Question in full: i have chlamydia
Dear 'i have chlamydia', Presumably as you already know you have it you have seen a doctor. You are very young to get chamydia. Have you been able to talk to your mum or dad about it? I think it is really really important that you talk to an adult about this, maybe one outside your family would be useful - it could be the school nurse, or your teacher, your GP or a special nurse at a Genitourinary Medicine Clinic. These are special places that deal only with sexually transmitted infections. They are very good and always have specialist nurses who can talk to you about things. They are trained to do this and that is what they do all day - so nothing shocks them. They will make sure you get the right medicine and help. To find your nearest clinic, check the phone book, call NHS Direct (NHS 24 in Scotland) or use the 'NHS choices' website. They can sometimes give you advice over the telephone aswel. Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection caused by a tiny bacteria (bug) that passes from person to person. It can cause your penis to be itchy, a bit painful and maybe to leak some liquid (not wee but discharge). The test to see if you have it is done on your wee, they don't have to touch your penis. It is important to get rid of it and you can do this easily by taking some medicine for a few days. Please do get the chlamydia treated but also talk to a professional person about how you got it.