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I had sex without a condom

Question in full: i had sex with my las last week without a condom and i want to know if im pregnant but i dont want to do a pregnancy test what should i do
You need to act really quickly if you've had sex without a condom and without another method of contraception. Emergency contraception is one pill from the doctor or chemist which can be taken up to 3 days after unprotected sex and it can stop a possible pregnancy in its tracks. But a week has gone by so you're too late for that option. Now you'll have to wait to see if your period comes. If not, take a pregnancy test, but again, do it quickly. I really hope you're not pregnancy, but if you are it's really important to tell a parent or an adult you trust as soon as possible. If that's too difficult, then get to your family doctor or sexual health clinic for advice and to find out about your options. Good luck.