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I don't want my daddy to smoke

Question in full: i dont wqnt my daddy to smoke :) so i learnt loads of horrible facts to make him quit.. it made my mum quit.. hes still smoking tho :( x Question asked from the Smokingquiz
Dear 'I want my daddy to quit smoking', You are doing good work. You have made your mum stop smoking so don't feel too disheartened. Smoking is a very difficult habit to stop especially if your dad has been doing it for a long time. However you are right to make him try to stop. It can seriously damage his health. Can you suggest he sees his GP. Lots of GP's run 'Stop Smoking' clinics and if they don't run a clinic they will know where the nearest one is. Your GP can prescribe nicotine patches which also help in the stopping smoking process. There are also websites - see which can provide support. - is also good with lots of helpful tips. It is very hard to do it on his own. My only word of caution is not to let it become a big rift between you and your dad. Good Luck.