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I don't eat healthily

Question in full: i dont eat healthily alot but i just dont no what to get because all of the healthy food i dont like
Dear 'I don't eat healthily', Firstly I think you should be proud of yourself that you are addressing the situation. You are aware you are not eating heathily which is a big step. And you have written to see what you can do about it. Even better. It is important to eat healthily for lots of reasons: your body needs a variety of viamins and minerals and the right fats to work well, these are not found so readily in the 'unhealthy' foods. Eating healthily makes you feel better too, keeps your weight in check, gives you more energy and also makes you skin, hair and nails all look better. It may be that you don't like the foods you have been given that are 'healthy' but there are many ways to cook healthy foods. Could you ask your mum or dad if you can help to cook? Maybe you could go to the library and have a look through some cookbooks and see what you like that is healthy and then try to help cook it with your mum or dad? Alot of people think healthy foods are just salads but there is much more out there. It is fine to eat some unhealthy foods - it is all about getting a bit of everything. Don't give up.