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I cut my self smoke and drink when life

Question in full: i cut my self smoke and drink when life stresses me out or depresses me what can i do i dont want to go to my doctor for help
Dear 'I cut myself and drink when stressed', well done for getting in touch. You have made a big step in the right direction just admitting to yourself that this is what you do and also realising that you want help. Don't despair. Life is stressful - there are different stresses at different times of life. We need to find ways to cope with stress that do not make it worse but make it better. Each person will have a different way of coping. The important thing is that that way WORKS and doesn't make the stress worse. Drinking and cutting yourself will likely make you feel better immediately and release you from whatever is stressing you out. BUT they do not deal with the stress itself and more importantly will cause other problems and make it all worse in the long run. I wonder what it is that is upsetting you? And also why you don't want to see your GP? I do think you need some more help with this. If you can't talk to one particluar GP how about seeing a different one at your surgery, or talking to the nurse there? Or you could phone the GP and have a chat over the phone - they may have a good local couselling service that you can refer yourself to. If none of this will work for you next time you feel like cutting or drinking you could try staying with the feeling. Instead of harming yourself just see what the feeling feels like and see how long it takes to go away. Writing things down often helps. Or you could try calling Childline 08001111 or have a look at their website. They will listen to you anytime. But my bigest message is please do get some more help - your GP is trained to help you with this.