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Got caught mastubating

Question in full: What will happen if i get caught mastubating. I don't think my parents would accept it if i did and if im in the middle of mastubating and they're coming upstairs i have to quickly put my penis away and act as if i was doing something else. Is there anyway i could mastubate withought being interrupted? As i want to find out if i can ejaculate properly whilst going through puberty. But i cant help looking out for my parents coming upstairs, and it stops my erection. Should i mastubate in the bathroom?
Don’t worry! Masturbating is a completely normal thing to do, and pretty much everyone does (or has done) it. Even your parents (though I appreciate that may not be the nicest thought for you!). However, while masturbating is completely normal, I can see that you don’t really want to get caught (though I will bet your parents would not be surprised, and certainly not angry). There is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbating in the bathroom, and at least here you will be able to lock the door and guarantee some privacy. I am sure you will have no problems ejaculating properly once you can relax.