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Get stressed from bullying

Question in full: i always get stressed at home and school coz the school work and people bullying me and my friends and my brotheres and sisters there younger
Sorry you're feeling stressed. Can you work out what the problem is? Are you finding the work hard, is there too much of it, or is it the bullying that's the main problem? If you can work out what the trouble is, it's easier for people to help. No-one should have to suffer bullying and all schools have plans in place to deal with it. Can you talk to a parent or teacher about this? And also tell them you're getting stressed? Often if you're the oldest child everyone thinks you're the most responsible and the one in charge. But you shouldn't have to be worrying about that when you're 10. When the stress is building up try and do something to chill out - watch TV or listen to some music or have a bath. Just taking 10 minutes out can help. But please talk to someone and please understand that the situation will get better - it doesn't have to be like this.