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Dont knw wt to do with my life

Question in full: Hi. . i dnt knw wt to do with my life anymore , im sick of it and dnt enjoy anything i have a feeling im depresed and im also scared of getting old as i knw this sounds silly but i never thought of getting old if you undstnd me ? and thn my GCSES are this year and i want to do really wel if i dont i knw il be ever so disapointed, plz help x
Dear 'I dnt knw wt do do with my life anymore' I am so, so sorry that you are feeling down in this way. It is pretty common that young people feel down from time to time especially when faced with GCSEs.... but, but, but don't worry too much about the exams. You can look on this site about what to do about depression and anxiety but the main thing is that if you really feel down - do please tell someone else about it. Someone that you trust. You can always tell a teacher or your parents or someone like that. Otherwise will you please go and see your doctor and tell her/him how you feel as they will definitely be able to help you