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Does not eating make you fatter?

Question in full: Does not eating make you fatter?
Dear'not eating'. Every day your body uses up energy, some of it is when you exercise, but even if you don't exercise it will need energy to keep your heart pumping and your brain working amongst other things. Usually we get the energy we need from our food. If we eat more than we need in a day, our bodies can store it for later as fat. Then on days when we don't eat enough, this fat can be broken down again to make energy. If you don't eat at all, the fat stores in your body would continue to be broken down until there were none left, so in theory not eating would make you thinner. However it is more complicated than that, because after only a day or so of not eating your body notices you are starving and becomes more efficient, using less energy to do what it wants to do. If you then eat a normal amount again after starving yourself, your body stores more of this food as fat than it would have done before. So people who 'yo-yo diet' - eating nothing for a few days and then pigging out - more often get fat than get thin. Also, starvation has other nasty effects, weakening your heart and damaging your brain. The best way to lose weight is by regular exercise and a healthy diet. Boring I know, but the reason you always hear this advice is because it works. If every day you excercise enough so that you are using up a bit more energy than you are taking in, your body will break down fat gradually, won't think it is starving, and will lose weight while staying healthy.